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Paradise Valley, Arizona, June 1, 1999 - - Lockstep Systems™ today announced the release of IGetMail™ version 1.0. IGetMail is a Windows utility that automatically downloads e-mail messages from remote to local e-mail servers.

IGetMail solves the problem that is created when companies use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host their Internet domain and they also use a local SMTP compliant e-mail server.  Companies in this situation do not receive their inbound mail on a timely, consistent basis.  Popular Windows e-mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Eudora World Mail only download incoming mail when sending outgoing mail; creating a potential for time gaps that can leave messages sitting on the ISP’s e-mail server.  IGetMail bridges the gap that exists between the two servers by systematically checking for inbound mail and downloading messages to the local mail server. 

IGetMail’s scheduling feature allows the user to specify a time range during which it will check for e-mail at the remote server.  The user can also specify how frequently IGetMail will check for new messages.  This scheduling feature allows the user to turn off their e-mail server for security purposes.

IGetMail can check for e-mail at two different remote servers and forward messages to one account, which streamlines the process of changing e-mail accounts and ISPs.  For example, IGetMail can forward e-mail addressed to “” to a new account associated with “”.

IGetMail is especially useful for companies that use a local e-mail server and would like to avoid the costs associated with:

·        * hosting their own Internet domain locally, and/or

·        * installing a permanent high-speed connection to their ISP, and/or

·        * maintaining individual e-mail accounts at the ISP, and/or

·        * maintaining ETRN accounts with the ISP.

IGetMail is available direct from Lockstep Systems, Inc. and is priced at $50.00US for a single-server, single-domain license.  A 30-day, full-featured trial version may be downloaded from Lockstep’s web site:  Reseller pricing available upon request; inquiries welcome. 


IGetMail System Requirements: IBM PC/Compatible running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 (Service pack 3); requires 512K hard disk space; minimum 2.5 MB RAM; a POP3 compliant remote e-mail server; and an SMTP compliant local e-mail server (such as most versions of UNIX, Microsoft Exchange Server or Eudora World Mail Server).  IGetMail can run as a Windows NT Service or as a Windows application.  IGetMail can be installed on the local e-mail server or on another networked Windows machine.


Lockstep Systems is a developer, publisher and marketer of Windows-based network management and security utilities.  The company was founded in 1998, with a charter to produce and deliver enterprise-class software that is centrally administered and scalable, while requiring minimum resources. 


Lockstep Systems, Inc. is headquartered at 6835 E. Meadowlark Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ, 85253-3646.  Telephone 480.596.9432.  Fax 480.596.9195.  Web site URL:  Questions and comments are welcome via e-mail addressed to “”.


Note for Editors:  Lockstep Systems and IGetMail are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Incorporated.  Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows NT and Exchange Server are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  World Mail and Eudora World Mail Server are trademarks and Eudora is a registered trademark of QUALCOMM Incorporated.


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