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Scottsdale, Arizona USA - 5 February 2003 -- Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Backup for Workgroups 1.0, a disk-based backup and disaster recovery software utility designed for the small and midsize business market.

“Backup -- and the ability to restore quickly -- is a business necessity,” said David G. Hill, Vice President of Storage Research at Aberdeen Group.  “Small and midsize businesses (SMB) have a fiduciary responsibility as do much larger companies, but may not have the dedicated IT expertise, time, and money to use the same hardware/software process for backup and restore as these larger companies.  Enter Lockstep Systems.  With its Backup for Workgroups optimized for disk backup, SMB companies now have a software tool that can use existing disk storage assets and take the mystery out of backup and restore -- all at a wallet-pleasing price.”

Backup for Workgroups delivers many of the same powerful backup and disaster recovery features commonly found in enterprise-class, tape-based backup software; at a fraction of the cost.  While Backup for Workgroups operates as client-server software, it does not require a dedicated server; allowing for its use within a company’s existing infrastructure.  Straightforward, easy to follow wizards guide the end user though all aspects of installing and using the software; making it a logical choice for resource constrained small workgroups.

In addition to the software release, Lockstep has also launched a new website at, featuring in-depth product information, white papers, case studies and how-to information to assist SMBs with the implementation of disaster recovery best practices.

What makes Backup for Workgroups different?

  • True, disk-based backup program. Backup for Workgroups is a true, disk-based backup program, not a tape-based backup program using hard drive storage as an after-thought.  This allows users to fully benefit from the advantages that disk-based backup offers over tape:  more reliable, faster, cheaper, convenient and 24/7 availability.  Backup for Workgroups’ incremental backup process, combined with non-redundant storage techniques and compression makes it possible for a 50-person workgroup to backup to a 100 GB hard drive and have room to grow.
  • Works with existing infrastructure.  While Backup for Workgroups operates as a client/server application, it does not require installation of the Server component on a computer operating as a traditional server.  The Backup Server can be installed on any Windows 95 / 98  / ME  / NT / 2000 / XP computer that Backup Clients can access over their network.  The Backup Server can store the backup data to a local, external or networked hard drive and increasing storage capacity is accomplished by adding new hard drives when needed.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain.  Easy installation and configuration wizards walk users through the setup, backup and restoration procedures.  Clients can immediately start to backup their computers without first having to create a specific backup definition as required with most backup products.
  • Restoration options make data recovery straightforward.  Predefined restoration options give users the ability to restore a single file, a group of files, a recently deleted file, or an entire computer.  Disk-based Backup for Workgroups can quickly locate data for restoration without the need to search through multiple tapes.
  • Bare-metal restoration. Backup for Workgroups simplifies the process of bare-metal restoration.  It automatically includes the System Files, including the Windows Registry and configuration information, without requiring the purchase of a disaster recovery add-on.  Because this information is included in the backup process, users can perform their own total system restoration by following the detailed steps outlined in their personalized Disaster Recovery Report produced by the Backup Server.

  • Security-friendly design.  Backup for Workgroups was designed with security in mind.  It protects backup data without unnecessarily exposing the data to further security risks by encrypting data before transmission to the Backup Server (to avoid line sniffers) and obscuring filenames (to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining information based on descriptive filenames).  Plus, Backup Clients do not open any ports or accept network connections, keeping Internet hackers from hijacking backup data.
  • Built-in mirroring.  With the Mirroring feature, users can add an extra layer of protection to their data by “Backing Up the Backup Server.”  The mirror media can be a removable hard drive or other portable media to allow for rotation and off-site storage to comply with disaster recovery best practices.  Users can visit to follow along with step-by-step instructions when installing a removable hard drive into their computer.

System Requirements.

Backup for Workgroups runs on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP computers.  The program requires 10 MB hard disk space and needs access to sufficient hard disk storage space to hold compressed Backup Client data.


Backup for Workgroups is available immediately from authorized Lockstep resellers and distributors or directly from Lockstep.  The Backup for Workgroups base product includes a Server License plus 3-client licenses for $299.  The 5-client package is $399; and the 10-client package is $599 (US$).  A fully functional 30-day trial version that supports 3-clients is available for download from  Volume discount information available upon request.  Reseller, integrator and VAR inquiries are welcome.

About Lockstep.

Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 to develop and market software utilities designed to ensure the integrity and continuity of electronic data for Internet presence companies.  For more information about Backup for Workgroups, please visit

Lockstep Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 4662, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA.  Telephone +1.480.596.9432.  Backup product URL:  Company URL:  Lockstep is a registered trademark and Backup for Workgroups is a trademark of Lockstep Systems, Inc.