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Scottsdale, Arizona USA, 17 September 2003 -- Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Backup for One version 1.0.  Backup for One is a single-user, disk-based, backup and disaster recovery software utility designed for stand-alone Windows computers.

Based on Lockstep’s popular Backup for Workgroups software for networked Windows computers, Backup for One delivers the same easy to use data protection to individual users who want to take advantage of disk-based backup media instead of tape.

“When Backup for One is combined with an external USB or Firewire hard drive device, it delivers a very appealing backup and disaster recovery solution to individual Windows users,” said Karl Forster, President of Lockstep Systems, Inc.  “External hard drives are fast becoming the de-facto standard for backup media because of their high storage capacity, reliability and low cost.  Disk-based backup also overcomes many of the problems associated with restoring from tapes or CD-ROMs.  Backup for One is the first commercial backup and disaster recovery utility designed for individual Windows users who would like to take advantage of any one of the many disk-based storage devices available today.”

Backup for One performs an initial, complete backup of the user’s computer and stores the backup files in an encrypted and compressed format to minimize storage requirements and to keep contents safe from unauthorized view.  Subsequent backups performed consist of only the files that have changed since the last backup to minimize the backup window.

Backup for One’s predefined backup sets ensure the end user’s ability to completely restore their data without requiring the user to establish backup sets or jobs.  Unlike simple file copy utilities, Backup for One includes the Windows Registry or System State files, to facilitate bare metal restoration should it become necessary.

Users may customize Backup for One using the Manage Backup Sets Wizard and Preferences dialogs.  With the Manage Backup Sets Wizard, users can create, modify or delete backup sets which group files together for backup.  Users can also automate their backups using the Scheduler feature.  With the Preferences dialogs, users can specify the number of file revisions they want to store on their backup media.  And, Backup for One can send e-mails to the user to keep them informed of their backup activities.

Backup for One includes four restoration options that allow end users to quickly restore a single file, a group of files, or their entire computer, without requiring the end user to hunt through several tapes or CD-ROMs.  The roll-back option restores files to a previous backed up state to recover from viruses or other data corruption.  The Undelete option allows end users to restore files they have accidentally deleted since their last backup without requiring filename or location input.

System Requirements.

  • Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT4/ME/98/95.
  • Program consumes approximately 5 MB of disk space at installation.
  • Access to backup storage media, such as an external USB or Firewire hard drive; or storage available on a Windows network made available through a network share point.

Availability.   Backup for One is available immediately from Lockstep Systems and priced at $79 US.  Trial software may be downloaded from  Volume discount information available upon request.  OEM, reseller, integrator and VAR inquiries are welcome. 

About Lockstep Systems, Inc.   Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 to develop and market software utilities designed to backup and protect electronic data.  For more information about Backup for One, please visit

Lockstep Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 4662, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA.  Telephone +1.480.596.9432. Single-user Backup product URL:  Networked-user Backup product URL:  Company URL:  Lockstep is a registered trademark and Backup for One and Backup for Workgroups are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Inc.