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Lockstep Contact: Karl Forster


Scottsdale, Arizona USA, 22 February 2005 -- Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Backup for Workgroups version 2.5.2.  Backup for Workgroups is the award-winning, disk-based backup and disaster recovery software utility designed for small and mid-size businesses.  Easily installed on any networked Windows computer, Backup for Workgroups uses hard drives for storage in place of tapes, resulting in a more reliable and less expensive backup solution.  Backup data can also be mirrored to removable or external hard drives for off-site data storage, an integral part of an overall disaster recovery plan. 

The Backup for Workgroups 2.5.2 update includes:

  • Improved support for Windows Terminal Services
    Backup for Workgroups is now compatible with Windows Terminal Services, allowing administrators to remotely access Backup Clients.

  • Retroactive support for Client revision limits
    Changing a Client’s revision limit now applies to both actively changing files as well as older files that have remained dormant for a period of time.

  • Client backup size information available at the Data Repository
    The Data Repository Clients panel now includes the time, status and data size (in bytes) of a Client’s last backup.

  • Support for re-baselining Clients through the Data Repository
    Administrators can use the “Delete” and “Create” buttons on the Data Repository Manager to completely remove all of a Client’s past backup data from the Data Repository.  All Client configurations and settings remain intact for the subsequent re-baseline backup.

  • Enhanced support for Data Repository storage devices
    Clients now retain all configuration settings when the Data Repository storage device is moved, rotated or changed.

  • Throttling support for Mirror connections
    Administrators can now specify the amount of data written to the Mirror storage device on a per- second basis, which prevents Backup for Workgroups from consuming the entire amount of bandwidth available.

Trial Version Availability.  A thirty (30) day trial version of Backup for Workgroups is available for download from  During the trial period, the software allows for the backup of ten (10) Windows computers, with each Client having the ability to include Open File, Exchange Server or Active Directory Add-On support. 

About Lockstep Systems.  Lockstep Systems, Inc., founded in 1999, is a leading manufacturer of disk-based backup and disaster recovery software designed especially for small and midsize businesses.  Our family of backup products includes Backup for Workgroups, the industry standard in disk-based, client/server backup for networked Windows Servers, MS-SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, Active Directory and Windows workstations; and Backup for One, the disk-based backup utility for individual and home Windows computers.  Lockstep Systems is a privately held company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the backup software now known as Computer Associates’ BrightStor Mobile Backup. 

Lockstep Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 4662, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA.  Telephone +1.480.596.9432.   Backup product URL:  Company URL:  Lockstep is a registered trademark of Lockstep Systems, Inc.  Backup for Workgroups and Backup for One are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Inc.