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Lockstep Contact: Karl Forster


Scottsdale, Arizona USA, 12 October 2006 -- Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Backup for Workgroups version 3.0. Backup for Workgroups is a disk-based automatic backup and disaster recovery software utility designed for Windows servers, desktops and laptops. Backup for Workgroups allows administrators to quickly and easily set up and implement a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution using any type of disk-based storage device, including internal and external hard drives, USB hard drives, shared folders on other computers, NAS devices and RAID devices.

“We are very excited to offer our customers this substantial update to Backup for Workgroups,” said Karl Forster, president of Lockstep Systems, Inc. “I think that many of our end users are going to like the new drive spanning feature because they will no longer be limited to the storage space of one device. Now our customers can add storage space to their Data Repository quickly and easily. All they need to do is add a new storage location to their Data Repository and Backup for Workgroups uses the sum total space available over multiple devices.”

Backup for Workgroups reseller Doug Sharp, CEO of DMi Technology Group in Bloomington, IL states, “We’ve been using Backup for Workgroups with our smaller clients for some time. We’re impressed with its ease of use and bullet proof backup ability. It’s clearly a well thought-out system. The new features in version 3.0 add so much more to the product. Our larger clients are concerned about storage space expandability and can be restricted by compliance needs like Sarbanes-Oxley which require backup security. Drive spanning and AES encryption are the features our larger customers need. We are thrilled to provide a solution that combines high-end features with simple operation in just one product.”

Backup for Workgroups version 3.0 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Drive Spanning Storage
    Previous versions of Backup for Workgroups limited the size of the backup data to the storage capacity of one disk-based device. The new drive spanning feature added to version 3.0 allows end users to increase the size of their Data Repository and store backup data over one or multiple, disk-based devices. 
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
    End users can now choose to protect their backup data using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Customizable, Color-Coded Email Reports
    End users can receive color-coded email reports highlighting any skipped backups to quickly identify problems and take corrective actions. Both the Daily Backup Summary and Backup Run Emails are customizable, allowing the administrator to include computer name or user details in the from address or subject lines to keep informed of all backup activities.
  • Auto Client Update
    Administrators no longer need to visit each computer that is included in the backup process when an update to the Backup for Workgroups software is available. As the administrator chooses to update their Data Repository software, the Auto Client Update feature will keep each Backup Client’s software in-sync with the update applied to the Data Repository software.
  • Interlocked Mirroring
    Administrators can use the built-in interlocked mirroring feature to mirror each Data Repository storage device to a corresponding mirror device. In the event of a failure of a primary storage device, the administrator can use the corresponding mirror device in its place. The mirroring process runs in real-time to keep the mirrors in-sync with the primary storage devices while the backups occur.

Backup for Workgroups is gaining support from the reseller community and many continue to use the product internally after testing it for customers.  Irwin Zane, president of Certified Equipment Sales Company in Los Angeles states, “Last March, I found the perfect backup software. After using Backup for Workgroups on my system for the last six months and having sold it to my clients, I am thoroughly pleased.  As an independent dealer, I have sold and serviced just about every brand of backup software and every type of backup media and none compare with Backup for Workgroups.” 

Zane continues, relating a recent data restoration experience, “Three weeks ago, I was given a utility to find the Windows Product Key. It was supposed to unzip but instead it installed on my system. After it installed, my Windows installation reported that it was not a valid copy of Windows. After several attempts to repair the problem, I decided to put Backup for Workgroups to the ultimate test instead of running the Windows XP System Restore Utility. While Windows was running, Backup for Workgroups restored the whole Windows folder. It took just a few minutes and when I restarted the computer it ran without a flaw. I am now a true believer in Backup for Workgroups.”

Note to Editors
For information about end users and resellers of Backup for Workgroups that are willing to communicate with the press, please contact Karl Forster at Lockstep Systems, Inc. via email:

Pricing and Availability
Backup for Workgroups 3.0 can be purchased direct from Lockstep Systems’ website or from any authorized Lockstep reseller. Backup Clients start at $99 per client, with volume discounts at 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Clients. Open File Add-On licenses start at $199 each, with volume discounts available for any quantity after one (1). Current Backup for Workgroups users should contact Lockstep Systems, Inc. for upgrade pricing. Partner and reseller inquiries welcome.

Trial Version Availability
A thirty (30) day trial version of Backup for Workgroups is available for download from  During the trial period, the software allows for the backup of ten (10) Windows computers, with each Client having the ability to include Open File, Exchange Server or Active Directory Add-On support. 

System Requirements
Backup for Workgroups is a client/server, disk-based backup and disaster recovery software program which can be installed to backup one (1) or more Windows servers or Windows desktop computers (Client software) to a centralized Data Repository (Server software). The Data Repository runs on any Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98 computer and consumes 10 MB storage and needs access to disk-based storage with sufficient space to hold Clients’ backup data. The Backup Client software runs on any Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98 computer, consumes 10 MB storage and needs TCP/IP communication capabilities. The Open File Add-On requires Windows Server 2003 (SBS, Standard, Enterprise) or Windows XP and a Client license.  Exchange Server and Active Directory Add-Ons are available for Windows 2000/NT servers and also require a Client license. 

About Lockstep Systems, Inc.
Lockstep Systems, Inc. is the developer and marketer of Backup for Workgroups, a comprehensive, client/server backup and disaster recovery software program for Windows servers, workstations and laptops. Originally designed for the needs of small-to-midsize businesses, Backup for Workgroups provides enterprise-class backup and restore features traditionally found in more expensive backup solutions. Lockstep Systems is a privately held company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the backup software now known as Computer Associates’ BrightStor Mobile Backup.

Lockstep Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 4662, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA.  Telephone +1.480.596.9432.  .  Backup product URL:  Company URL:  Lockstep Systems is a registered trademark and Backup for Workgroups is a trademark of Lockstep Systems, Inc.

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