Scottsdale, Arizona USA, 2 November 2005 -- Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced that its Backup for Workgroups disk-based backup solution can backup computers running 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.  Supported editions include Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions (Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter Server 2003).

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Along with the ability to backup computers running 64-bit versions of Windows, the Backup for Workgroups Data Repository Manager can operate on a computer running either a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.  "As companies begin deploying 64-bit Windows with their existing 32-bit Windows computers, Backup for Workgroups can grow right with them," said Karl Forster, president of Lockstep Systems, Inc.  "Our goal with Backup for Workgroups is to provide small companies and departments in larger organizations with the benefits of high-end backup solutions at a value leading price point."

"Backup for Workgroups has been an excellent solution for SansCarta’s data repository backup needs, particularly for our Windows 2003 64-bit server operating systems," said Erick J. Wicklund Sr., the director of research and development at SansCarta, LLC, a secure document storage company dedicated to the safety and accuracy of online storage solutions.  "We tried multiple backup software solutions before discovering Lockstep’s solution and continually ran into problems with systems crashing, difficult set-ups, and lack of support for 64-bit operating systems.  We have now been running Backup for Workgroups for three weeks with absolutely no problems.  This software is easy to install and works quickly.  Their staff has also been great to work with and very helpful in ensuring security and reliability for the software.  I would recommend this software to anyone."

Backup for Workgroups allows IT consultants, resellers and VARs to offer customers a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery solution that takes advantage of the many affordable disk-based, external storage devices available today.  Overall benefits include not only a lower price than competitive products, but faster backup times, easy data recovery options and less daily maintenance.

About Lockstep Systems.

Lockstep Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of disk-based backup and disaster recovery software designed especially for small and midsize businesses.  Our family of backup products includes Backup for Workgroups, the industry standard in disk-based, client/server backup for networked Windows Servers, MS-SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, Active Directory and Windows workstations; and Backup for One, the disk-based backup utility for individual and home Windows computers.  Lockstep Systems is a privately held company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the backup software now known as Computer Associates’ BrightStor Mobile Backup.

About SansCarta LLC

Founded in 2005, SansCarta, LLC is a secure document storage company dedicated to the safety and accuracy of online storage solutions.  SansCarta is a privately funded company resulting from a partnership between AppRiver, LLC and Quitewater Limited Partnership, LLP.  Headquartered in Gulf Breeze, FL, SansCarta aims to increase productivity and decrease costs for companies of all sizes though innovations in online document storage, document retrieval and document sharing.

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